Welcome to Urban Arboreta

Hello and welcome to Urban Arboreta: Transforming Ground, a 2015 Knight Cities Challenge winning project in Philadelphia.

Urban Arboreta is dedicated to transforming vacant lots into hybrid spaces for nursery production and neighborhood use, improving the ecological, social, and economic health of neighborhoods by offering a new model for community based job training and engagement.

We’ll be sharing lots more about the project in the weeks to come, including information on who we are and who we’re working with, as well as thoughts on how the project is selecting a pilot site for the nursery, how we’re working with communities and developing community engagement tools and educational programming, what kinds of plants we’ll be growing (and where in the city they’ll be used), and more!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, feel free to contact us to get involved. Find us on Twitter at @urbanarboreta or email us at cityparksphila (at) gmail.com.