January 11, 2016

Design Competition Submission Guidelines

Submission Requirements

The submission should be composed on a maximum of three 30” X 40” boards in portrait orientation and must include at minimum:

  • Plan at appropriate scale with sufficient labels, colors, and textures to clearly indicate materials including planting, programmed areas, circulation, furnishings, structures, and prototype nursery
  • 3 site section-elevations at 1/8” = 1’ – 0”
  • 3 photomontages or perspectives that show the design intent
  • Sufficient diagrams to illustrate program, water system, circulation, nursery operations, food production, phasing, materials, planting strategy, and any other component of the design that will benefit from such a diagram (such as public space)
  • Phasing diagram that clearly indicates priorities of immediate prototype construction and future expansion
  • Sufficient text on the drawings to describe the design intent
Your submission package must adhere to the following:
  • All boards should be contained within a single PDF file
  • Maximum file size is 50MB
  • All images and graphics must be at least 150dpi, 300dpi preferred
  • Drawings may span across two or all three boards.
  • Do not include your name or any identifying information on the boards
  • Hard copy boards are note required, and will not be accepted.

Download submission guidelines as a PDF

All submissions must be received by Friday May 20 at 5:00 PM EDT. Late submissions will not be considered.

NOTE: to be considered for the competition, the $25 registration fee must be made by the May 2 registration deadline. Pay fee now.

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