The jury of Tom Dalfo of the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), Professor Sean Burkholder of University of Buffalo, Professor Karen M’Closkey of University of Pennsylvania, Professor Anne Spirn of MIT, and Skip Weiner of Philadelphia Urban Tree Connection met on Friday June 3 in Philadelphia to review the submissions for URBAN ARBORETA: Transforming Ground International Student Design Competition. After extensive discussion, the jury decided to award four winners with the recommendation that all four teams work together to develop a final conceptual plan, incorporating input from the community and the nursery manager. This team, working with the Urban Arboreta Team, will develop the ‘final’ plan over the summer with plans to implement the prototype nursery in late summer or early fall 2016.

The winners are:

Qin Fang – Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Adviser: Tim Baird

Jury Comments

“The production areas are clearly delineated and thought has been given to their organization.”


Wilson Lee – Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Adviser: Tim Baird

Jury Comments

“Parkside Avenue public plaza is the strongest of the four.”


Omar De Mesa and Vincent Tang – University of Manitoba
Eric Wong – University of Toronto
Faculty Advisers: Dietmar Straub and Anna Thurmayr

Jury Comments

“The ‘pedestrian concourse or public promenade’ could be a good way of creating a social space.”


Lauren Payne-Riley,  Darcy  Lybercker  Anders,  Adija  Renee  Manley,
Kirsten  Weismantle,  and  Elizabeth  Colletti
 – University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Adviser: David Gouverneur

Jury Comments

“Connector proposed considers linking the 2 sites.”

We would like to thank all of the competitors – with submissions from China, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States – for their exceptional efforts in making this competition a success.

Follow for updates on the design process.

Tim Baird

Andrea Hansen

Deenah Loeb

Scott Quitel

Urban Arboreta Team